Make house numbers visible in case of emergency

Are your house numbers visible in the event of an emergency?

Many addresses in Trumbull are not clearly visible making it difficult to locate residents quickly in case of an emergency. A minute can be vital to the person(s) waiting for help to arrive.

To aid first responders, the Town of Trumbull has an ordinance in place stipulating that numbers shall be affixed to the dwelling, mailbox, lamppost or similar fixture of every residence. The numbers should be large enough for easy daytime visibility and reflective for nighttime vision.

Recognizing the importance of this safety measure, the Town and Home Depot are working together to make sure that seniors and disabled residents can quickly be located in an emergency. Trumbull’s Home Depot has offered to supply house numbers, free-of-charge, to those senior/disabled residents that are in need.

Contact Ashley Sylvester in Social Services at 203-452-5135. Leave your name, address and phone number. Numbers can be picked up at the Senior Center, 23 Priscilla Dr., Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

For senior/disabled residents unable to pick up the numbers or apply them, they can be delivered to your home and applied for you. State this information at the time of your call.

If you know of an elderly or disabled friend or neighbor that does not have visible numbers, reach out to them and ask them to contact Social Services or you can contact Social Services for them.

First responders also want to remind homeowners/renters to make sure that overbrush is not obscuring visibility and that leaving your outside lights on when you call for assistance will aid them in getting to you quickly when necessary.