Loose Leaf Pickup Progran begins November 11

The 2019/20 annual Leaf Pickup Program is expected to begin Monday, Nov. 11, (weather permitting) and runs until leaves have been collected in each neighborhood. Leaf pickup begins in the northern parts of town where the temperature is cooler by a few degrees and leaves will generally fall first.

Loose leaf collection will occur only once per street.

It is imperative all leaves are moved to the curb no later than Monday, Nov. 11.

Leaves must be placed on the lawn, at the edge of the curb - not in the roadway. Putting leaves on the pavement is subject to a $90 fine and creates dangerous conditions for vehicles and pedestrians.

Do not deposit your leaves on someone else’s property or vacant lot - unless you have the owner’s permission.

Payloaders will remove larger piles of leaves first, then crews will return to finish clean up with leaf vacuums. Both phases many not occur on the same day.

In the event of an early snowfall, if crews are not able to complete leaf collection, leaves in the gutter may be plowed back partially onto your lawn, and may remain snow covered. In the spring, the grass may show temporary signs of stress because it has been covered over, but will remedy itself as the weather warms.

Residents may request bagged leaf pickup at any time throughout the leaf pickup program by calling 203-452-5070. All leaves must be in paper bags. Plastic bags will not be picked up.

The Town is sectioned into four quadrants: Northwest, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, with Route 25 running down the middle. Following will be the progression:

Northeast Quadrant: East of Route 25, will begin in the north, will move south, and will pick up on streets up to and including Strobel Road, then

Southeast Quadrant: East of Route 25, will pick up from Strobel Road., south to the Town border, then

Southwest Quadrant: West of Route 25, starting at Lake Avenue, then

Northwest Quadrant: West of Route 25, they will begin in the Tashua area and will move south until finished.