Letter: Unions tarnished community spirit after Sandy

Trumbull, like many communities, recently found itself under a state of emergency with Hurricane Sandy. We saw many people from all the town committees and departments come together in a time of need. Our first selectman and first responders were/are something to be proud of. They worked untold hours to make sure things got up and running as quickly as possible, that communication and updates were made often and that those in the community were safe and taken care of. And town hall staff served wherever and whenever needed.

When the seniors had to be evacuated from their housing complex at Stern Village, they were transported to Madison Middle School, where the kitchen staff came in and made them hot meals.

And places like LA Fitness opened their doors for residents to take showers, member or not.

Hillcrest Middle School was also opened for residents to take showers. There are 18 showers at the school; however, when they got there, it was discovered that only two of the showers were functioning. The others were missing shower heads. They were told that a work order for the new shower heads had been submitted over a year ago, and was still unfilled.

When the first selectman heard this he instructed his workers to go to Home Depot and buy the needed shower heads and install them. They followed the request. However, upon getting to the school they were told to leave by the union workers as it was their job. So shower heads in hand, they did. Mind you, the workers did not have shower heads to install. The first selectman was told of the outcome. He instructed them to go back, as the town was in a state of emergency and he was overruling. They returned and installed the needed shower heads.

Now, one would think that this would be the end of the story. But no. Once the state of emergency was lifted, the union workers removed the new shower heads and returned them to the town.

It is no secret that I am not a fan of unions, and this story proves my point perfectly. This was one of the most obnoxious and selfish moves I have ever heard of. This is our town; we bought shower heads and installed them in our school, because for a year you couldn't get the job done, and you give them back??? What exactly should the town do with them since they were purchased for that particular reason?

While everyone else in town seemed to want to work together to get through a horrible and inconvenient situation, the union workers seemed to find a way to tarnish it because of the almighty contract.