Letter: Tony Hwang made a difference after Sandy

Last week I learned first-hand what a wonderful state representative Tony Hwang is. Tony visited my home last Thursday after noticing a huge tree lying in my front yard. He was checking to see whether my wife and I were safe and whether he could help in any way.

I showed Tony the side of my house where I had to remove three trees that had fallen onto my neighbor's property. Also during his visit he gave me the cell phone number of Trumbull's tree warden. I thanked Tony and he said he would contact me later.

I called the tree warden and he arrived 20 minutes after I called. We talked and he contacted two town workers who determine whether a tree is the town's responsibility or the homeowner's. They showed up 20 minutes later, measured the area around the tree and determined that it was a town tree. You can only imagine my relief.

I had received estimates of $3,500 to $4,000 to remove the tree. I am extremely grateful to Tony Hwang for caring enough about his constituents and for sharing that phone number with me. He even stopped back at my house later in the day to tell me he had made a call to the tree warden after he had left my house. He was pleasantly surprised when I let him know that everything was resolved so quickly.

Tony Hwang cares and I wanted to let everyone know what a difference he made during a difficult time. Thank you once again, Tony!