Letter: Stop ignoring Booth Hill School

To the Editor:

With only a handful of summer days left we parents should be getting excited for the new school year - Getting school supplies, finding out what friends will be together in class, and stocking up on snacks for the lunch boxes. Instead, we Booth Hill parents are battling one another because we don’t have enough classroom space for all the children.

Each year we are told that once again we will have music on a cart. Many years we are threatened to have art placed on a cart as well, as will be the case if additional sections are added for grades 2 and 3.

This leads to some parents begging the board for smaller class sizes and others begging the board to acknowledge the need for our children to have dedicated spaces for music and art. What we should be asking for is a long-term solution, not band aids on a long festering problem.

I have a child going into third grade and my oldest son recently graduated Booth Hill and they have never had a dedicated music room. How is his acceptable?

Now my third grader who uses art as a coping technique for the stress of school may have this taken away too? This needs to stop.

Do you understand what a day without leaving the classroom for specials feels like to an active child? To one with ADHD? That means no mental breaks, no time to refocus, and zero chance to move your body.

If they don’t have these outlets you’re going to see an uptick in classroom antics, poor focus and generally an environment that sets these kids up for failure. Now add in high temps during the summer and you’ve got a hellish environment for all. I praise the wonderful job the Booth Hill teachers do but they need some support!

No one wants their school to be redistricted but we’ve been fighting these same battles year after year with no end in sight. It’s time for a permanent solution and please don’t say enrollment is projected to decline because it just isn’t happening at our school. These kids deserve the same learning experience as Frenchtown, Middlebrook and Jane Ryan. Stop overlooking Booth Hill. Show the students they matter too.

Angela Bulkley