Letter: Praying for our children

As I rise on this Election Day plus one, I am bewildered. I am down. I am sad and I weep. I pray for the Republic, which binds all of us together as one nation and which separates us from all other countries on the planet. I pray for our children and grandchildren upon whose shoulders we continue to load the ever increasing cost of our national debt. I pray for the unemployed, the under-employed, those working multiple jobs to make ends meet and those who are discouraged and are no longer looking for work. I pray for our men and women in uniform whose ranks will be depleted due to budget cuts.

I, also, pray for our folks who are employed as military contractors and sub-contractors, many of whom will lose their livelihood for the same reasons. I pray for the laws of the land and that our Constitution will not be trampled upon with the appointment of new Supreme Court Justices. I pray for truth which seems to be lacking in government these days. I pray for the parents and loved ones of our people who were needlessly slaughtered in Benghazi. May the real story be revealed to us all. I pray for the transparency in government we have been so promised. I pray for the uninformed electorate who know not what they have done. I pray for bipartisanism in our representations in Connecticut and in Washington. I pray for our job creators. May they never have to decide between paying the cost of hiring new employees or paying the added price of Obama care. I pray for the middle class who thought their taxes would not increase. I pray for the entrepreneur to continue to build it. I pray for the people of Arizona and other border states whose borders remain unsecure and dangerous. I pray for the 1% who will be burdened by new and greater assessments. I pray for free enterprise and not free stuff. I pray for me and the millions of seniors like me that we will continue to be able to see our current primary care physicians and medical specialists without government regulations or restrictions. I pray that we will never be told by the government that we should take a pill when surgery or other invasive treatments are indicated for our medical condition.

Furthermore, I pray that the next four years will fly by. And I pray to God, if I am still allowed to print His name or say His name in public so as not to offend anyone, that on the next Election Day plus one that the sun will rise over a Republic that is strong and free.