Letter - Kindness is the greatest gift

To the editor:

I am a Trumbull resident and local runner. Most mornings and weekends I can be seen running on our main roads and local side streets.

As a runner, I always have to be alert, especially when running on main roads in town. The crossing can be tricky, many times I have to wait as cars speed by for an opportunity to dodge across the road.

This, however, was not the case for the past two December days. On a very cold morning, while waiting for an opening to cross, a vehicle heading south stopped in the middle of the road. Then to my surprise, a vehicle heading north also stopped.

At first, I thought they were waiting to turn onto Black House. Quite to my surprise, both drivers waved me on to cross the road then continued on north and south on Main Street.

I was a little shocked and thought of it as a fluke. However, the next morning it happened again in the same area! This time I was stunned. The simple act of kindness of these motorists meant a lot to me. They warmed my heart on a very frosty morning.

I got to thinking that maybe the holidays really do bring out the best in people. With all the hate and political unrest in our country, it is nice to see people still care for their fellow neighbors and the smallest acts of kindness can mean so much.

I just wanted to remind my fellow neighbors and friends near and far that the simplest acts of kindness can be the greatest gift of all. I hope that we all keep this in mind during the holidays and throughout the New Year.

Wishing all of Trumbull a very happy holiday season.

Lisa Romanchick