Letter: Highway tolls won't solve state's fiscal woes

I just got done reading an article in the CT Mirror titled "As transit funds grow shorter, the call for tolls grow louder." By Neena Satija

Let's just say it doesn't please me, but I knew it was coming. In the write up itself it gives you every reason not to move forward with such a plan.

Connecticut is too fiscally irresponsible to be given a new fund to raid; and that is exactly what will happen. They have proven that at every opportunity.

The original fund was to be used for the roads. That never happened, although most people didn't know that until it was revealed after the Stratford toll accident which killed seven people. Recent monies put in and just as quickly taken out to handle mis-management proves the point again.

To have Kim Fawcett, who represents Westport and Fairfield in the General Assembly admit she has been trying to sell her constituents on the idea for years and has failed ask, "How do I sell it?" tells you just how wrong it is. If it was such a great idea, it wouldn't need selling. This is a lazy idea.

Connecticut leaders are like teenagers with their allowance in their pocket. They don't know how to save for something bigger. All they can think of is "How fast can I spend it?" In this case they don't even care if they have it or where it's going to come from.

We have a bunch of grown men and women that are supposed to lead and make sound decisions on our behalf, yet all they can think to do is spend more money. What will it take to get them to use a common sense approach of cutting wasteful spending first and then look at ways to hurt the taxpayers of Connecticut? Because that is what they are doing.

They are making the taxpayers continue to pay for their poor management skills. Is that why they are in Hartford? Because they can be a fiscal failure and still keep their jobs?

Tolls are a low-hanging fruit of an idea that will not help with the fiscal mess they have created for years. The cost of implementing them will put the state more deeply into the hole for many years to come, with no benefits. Connecticut needs relief now and tolls are not it.