Letter: Democrats are lost and need help

To the Editor:

This election Tim Herbst was again re-elected in a landslide along with his whole team, which, as a Republican/Libertarian I am quite happy with the outcome. However, I sit and think about this election and try to understand how one party, the Trumbull Republicans, could totally decimate the Trumbull Democrats (TDTC) in a manner not seen here in many an election. Tim and the Republicans had a coordinated message, backed by an integrated plan run by great people in the party. This is a recipe of success that has taken years to put together, through good times and bad, but it has stayed together.

Trumbull Democrats are a mess, it is unorganized, has no leadership and no message. My wife, who is a liberal Democrat, and some other Democrat friends of mine believe the same thing. They are saying that, as Democrats, they are not represented by the TDTC. My wife says “why should I vote for a fiscal conservative who used to be a Republican that I don’t know over a Republican that I do know?”

Over the past four years it has been obvious that the TDTC have taken in disgruntled Republicans, who for whatever reason want to be “Democrats” in order to attack the Republicans and Tim Herbst. Instead of trying to stay with Republicans and shape it, they left it for a party who philosophies they don’t even believe in! The platform over these past four years have been to be obstructionists, voting against everything the First Selectman asks, abstaining on votes when convenient, create numerous websites and forums on Facebook to complain and attack anyone who doesn’t believe in what they believe. This is the sad truth and quite ineffective. What is even sadder is that they still don’t realize it.

I think the Trumbull Democratic Town Committee needs to clean house of the negativity and vendettas of the past and start anew. My wife and Democrats like her would love to see a Democratic party that has Democratic ideals and philosophies, not anger and character assassinations. Trumbull Democrats need new leadership, a platform, a message and someone to deliver it. But, they don’t have that and won’t have that until they get rid of those people who have brought them to this all-time low.

So, why should I care? I care because as a veteran and an American I believe in our Republic and our Democracy. It’s not perfect but it works for us. Great communities grow and flourish with competing ideas, philosophies and objectives negotiated through respectful debate and communication. Losing that competition is not healthy for any community over the long term, even Trumbull.

As I see it right now, Trumbull is in great hands with Tim Herbst and the Republican Party. I wish them all the best and hearty congratulations and hope that they can continue to live up to their past successes.

Mark Edward Smith