Legislators collect signatures to fight gas tax hike

State Representatives from across the region visited gas stations in the area collecting signatures to fight the gas tax set to go up later this year. The legislators showed their firm opposition to the increase to the gas tax, set to take place July 1.

State Reps. Laura Hoydick (R-120), Tony Hwang (R-134), Larry Miller (R-122), and Dave Rutigliano (R-123) participated in the petition drive.

“Our gas prices are already too high,” said the six area legislators. “This coalition of area legislators shows the strong opposition to this added financial burden that affects every single one of our constituents. This increase disproportionally affects us in Fairfield County and adds to our growing tax burden. Our state cannot continue to tax, spend, and borrow our way to better times, and we will do everything we can to fight this tax hike.”

The Gross Receipts Tax is a hidden tax on gasoline that you pay above and beyond the state (25-cents) and federal (18.4-cents) per-gallon taxes. This tax is a percentage of the wholesale price of gasoline. This tax is scheduled to increase 16% on  July 1.

If the legislature does not take action, this wholesale tax will increase from 7 percent to 8.1 percent per gallon, legislators said. Visit reprutigliano.com to sign the petition.