The students at Frenchtown Elementary School had an opportunity to understand why Veterans Day is so important. Joseph Fiore and Lisa Demshak helped to organize and create an inspiring event. The entire school gathered together to introduce and honor veterans from the extended Frenchtown community. Student Council members escorted the veterans to their seats. The teacher leaders for the Student Council are Michelle Cretella and Matia Berti.

The assembly began with student color guard, supported by Lindsay Carley. The music performed by the students was under the direction of Debra Hawkins. There was a reading of Margot Theis Raven’s, America’s White Table, by Principal Gina Prisco that included Lisa Demshak’s fifth grade students acting out the very story. To culminate the story, Melanie one of the fifth graders sang, My Country ‘Tis of Thee for the crowd.

Prior to the ceremony the veterans were treated to some light refreshments provided by the Frenchtown PTA. All members of the faculty and the student body received a flag sticker to display. Each veteran was also given a miniature flag to hold, as well as a flag pin, courtesy of the Frenchtown Fathers’ Club. The veterans were able to view artwork created by students under the direction of Deborah Dean and peruse the display of othe Wall of Honor, created by the Kindness Club, with support from Jen Olimpieri.

The Frenchtown School community created cards and letters that were delivered to the Veterans Administration Hospital in West Haven. These cards will be put on the Veterans’ breakfast and lunch trays for many days to come. This was a day that the students will remember and going forward on each Veterans Day, it should remind them to stop and say a private or public thank you to those that have served this country.