Leaf pick-up starts Monday

Leaf pickup will begin on Monday, Nov. 4.

Pick-up will start at the north end of town, near the Monroe border, and work its way south, completing the main roads first. Pick-up will start with Beardsley Parkway, Middlebrooks Avenue, Blackhouse Road, Moose Hill Road, Booth Hill Road, Old Town Road, Canoe Brook Road, Park Lane, Chestnut Hill Road, Plattsville Road, Church Hill Road/White Plains Road (Rte. 127), Porters Hill Road, Daniels Farm Road, Reservoir Avenue, Edison Road, Shelton Road, Frenchtown Road, Stonehouse Road, Huntington Tpke., Strobel Road, Hurd Road, Tashua Road, Huntington Road, Teller Road, Lake Avenue, Unity Road, Madison Avenue, Whitney Avenue, Main St. (Rte. 111), Williams Road, McGuire Road. The town will then return to the north end, and work the way south, on either side of the Pequonnock River Valley, until finished.

More manpower will be picking up the leaves this year, thereby completing the leaf pickup sooner.

Residents are asked to put leaves out in front of your residence, down by the curb, as soon as the leaves have fallen.

Once the Leaf Pick-up Program is underway, residents can track the progress daily via a link on to the town website, trumbull-ct.gov.

Weather conditions could push the leaf schedule back.

“The loose leaf pick-up program is done only once on each street,” the town said in a release. “Do not expect to have the trucks come back to your street. A common complaint is that our trucks ‘missed’ one house on the street, but that is impossible as the trucks move right along the gutter. It is only possible if you put your leaves out after the trucks have gone by.”

As in years past, residents are asked to keep leaves out of the roadway. Those who put leaves in the road will be subject to a $90 fine. Putting leaves on the pavement presents potentially dangerous situations, according to the town.

In the event of an early snowfall, leaves in the gutter are plowed back onto your lawn, maybe 10 or 15 feet.

While some people think the leaves kill the grass, the town said that experience shows this does not happen frequently. The grass may show signs of stress because it is covered over, but come the spring most residents report no problem. This is particularly true if the town is able to keep the program on schedule.

“If you want to be extra helpful, please consider the disposal of leaves on your own property.

“Create your own compost site, or bring them into your woods and disburse them around the trees,” the town suggests. “Your “forest” will be healthier for your efforts, and you will help your town by keeping the cost of this program down. Please don’t dump leaves on someone else’s property or the vacancy lot on the street, unless you have owner’s permission.”

Residents in all districts may call for bagged leaf pickup throughout the program period at 203-452-5070 or 203-452-5071. All bagged leaves must be in paper bags or it will not be picked up. Use the same phone numbers if there are any questions or comments.