Long Hill Volunteer Fire Company thanks community

To the Editor:

On Saturday, Nov. 30, the Long Hill Volunteer Fire Company held their annual toy drive at our new firehouse on Main Street. It was a cold, windy day, but was made warmer by our neighbors who came out and donated hundreds of toys this year. We delivered these toys to Trumbull Social Services and they were very grateful for the generosity of everyone.

The Fire Company would like to thank the many businesses that donated and/or collected toys.

A special thank you to Stew Leonard’s, Target, People’s Bank, All American Waste and the Council of Clubs and Organizations at Sacred Heart University for helping us to make this year’s toy drive a huge success.

We’d also like to say a very special thank you to Anthony Altobelli for being our DJ for the day and to Santa Claus for stopping by to greet everyone.

Lastly, we would like to thank the Trumbull High School Brass Ensemble that entertained us with their beautiful holiday music. They are a group that should make everyone in Trumbull very proud.

To all those that donated toys, donated services or just stopped in to visit your firefighters and Santa that day, we thank you for your support and look forward to an even better toy drive next year.

Long Hill Fire Company

Toy Drive Committee

Let’s ensure mutual respect for one another

To the Editor:

During this past week, there was a night in which congratulations were offered to First Selectman Vicki Tesoro and all those sworn in who ran on the Democratic and Republican tickets elected in last month’s municipal election to best serve all the residents of Trumbull.

We rightfully celebrated the democratic process. This week brings with it the start of a new chapter for those who have a fundamental difference, not on the merits of the policies and process spoken about by the first selectman at her swearing-in, but on their substance. The time now begins to offer reasonable and responsible alternatives to the discussion of bonding capital projects in the tens of millions of dollars to be paid back by the hardworking, taxpaying citizens of our community. The time has come where we should engage in a truly nonpartisan community-conversation about representative districts and voting that puts politics aside, not for the benefit of one party or another, but for the real discussion of what is right, reasonable and necessary. The pendulum swings in government and we have seen it do so from one party to another in six short years. It will no doubt swing again at the will of the voters in the future.

There will be those of us who differ in our fundamental belief that overtaxing and spending, in a state where its residents are some of the most taxed in the nation, will set us back as a community and burden our middle class, young families, seniors and all those who call Trumbull home. There will be those of us who propose realistic and affordable alternatives to serve our seniors, our swimmers and all those who have a need and want to gather together. We must assure that fundamental and needed services like more roads being paved in summer and our best efforts put forward to ensure public safety and our children's education are second to none.

Our differences should be discussed civilly and debated passionately, but most importantly we must do it with mutual respect for one another’s views and the understanding that while our differences are real they are no less valid because of one side or the other advocates for them. The discourse in our words must change, our actions must match our words and transparency needs to be real with results that are a true reflection of our community.

Mark Block, Secretary TRTC