LETTER: There has to be a more efficient way

I want to start by saying that Hurricane Sandy was a difficult time for everyone. Also, United Illuminating Co., with the help of many other states and even Canadian workers, did a great job of getting our power back relatively quickly.

The service crew on our street was from Nova Scotia! However, it seems that there must be a more efficient way to handle a situation like this in the future. While the Canadian linesmen were doing the actual work two UI men sat in a heated truck and drank coffee.

When I carried out hot chocolate to all of them I asked the UI guys what they were supposed to be doing. They told me that they were the escorts (my word, not theirs) for the Canadian workers. They were responsible for bringing them to a work site, waiting for them while they worked, and then taking them to the next work site.

Does that seem inefficient to anyone else? How about: Take the out-of-towners to the work site and then go do something productive?

When the linemen are done with their work at a location they can call UI and wait the few minutes it would take for a local worker (one, not two) to get back to them and guide them to the next work site.

Let's assume those two men in the truck make minimum wage (yeah, right) and sat for eight hours per day. That is $132 per day per truck. And we know they make way more than minimum wage. How many trucks were sitting around each day? Do the math.

There has to be a better, more efficient way.