'Kill-A-Watt' meters available at library

As part of the Energize Connecticut initiative, United Illuminating, a subsidiary of AVANGRID, Inc., is lending customers Kill-A-Watt® Meters for home evaluations.

These easy-to-use devices allow residents to calculate the energy usage of appliances in their homes and identify which may be causing spikes in their monthly bills. Armed with this information, residents can take control of their energy costs and potentially reduce their bills.

“Operating a Kill-A-Watt meter requires minimal effort and can be educational and eye-opening,” said Sheri Borelli, Clean Energy Communities program manager. “You simply plug an appliance into it and let it run as you normally would for one day. The process tracks kilowatt-hour consumption and provides the necessary data to calculate the daily cost, which can then be extrapolated out to discover what you pay per week, month or even per year.”

Kill-A-Watt Meters are available at libraries multiple communities, including Trumbull. The meters can be borrowed with a library card, and comes with detailed instructions.

Those looking to continue their energy reduction further can register for a Home Energy SolutionsSM assessment. For $124, the home checkup provides approximately $1,000 worth of weatherization services designed to make a home perform at the highest level of efficiency and save even more money. Additionally, some residents may meet the requirements of Home Energy Solutions – Income Eligible, which offers the same process at no-cost. These programs are provided by UI in partnership with Energize Connecticut initiative.

For information on any of the energy-saving programs offered through the Energize Connecticut initiative, please call 877-WISE-USE or visit energizect.com.