Jane Ryan principal named to St. Vincent Special Needs board

Mary Ellen Bolton, principal of Jane Ryan School, has recently joined the board of directors of Trumbull-based St. Vincent's Special Needs Services.

Raymond Baldwin, Jr., CEO said Bolton is a perfect addition to the board for several reasons.

"Her extensive knowledge and experience in the area of education, and special education, as well as her 17 years as a parent of a child who has attended our programs are of tremendous value as we look forward to some exciting expansions and enhancements of our programs in the future," Baldwin said.

Bolton is a graduate of the College of New Rochelle where she received dual certification in Elementary and Special Education. She has a Masters Degree in reading from Southern Connecticut State and degrees in special education and administration from Fairfield and Sacred Heart.

Bolton is in her second year as Jane Ryan principal. Previously she spent 25 years in the Stratford school system.