It's 'Christmas Time' for local singer

Listen carefully to the radio now that many stations are playing Christmas songs nonstop. The next one you hear could be the debut of a Trumbull singer.

Emily Morgan, a Trumbull teen, recently released, Christmas Time, written by German artist Thomas Pihale. The song has received positive reviews in the German press and is availale on iTunes and at

"I think the song captures the holiday spirit very well," Emily said. "It's the kind of song I imagine people listening to as they're decorating their tree."

Emily spent two years at Trumbull High before leaving school to pursue her singing career full-time. A year ago she recorded No You, No Me, written by Nashville artist Michael Davey, who is best known for writing the Martina McBride No. 1 hit Ride.

When not traveling or recording, Emily is working to complete her high school course work online, a decision she said was definitely the right one for her.

"It's different, definitely, but it has also led to better opportunities," she said. "Wherever we go, I open up my laptop and go to school."

Emily describes her voice and singing style as a mix of country and R&B with a little bit of pop.

"A little bit like the Dixie Chicks," she said.

Debra Morgan, Emily's mother, said she has known for years that her daughter had the potential to be a professional singer.

"I knew she was talented from the beginning," she said. "She would sing to me from the car seat."

From the car seat, Emily developed her voice through training at the Performing Arts Center of Connecticut and taking private voice lessons.

Locally, Emily has been heard singing live on WEBE 108, and her CDs and recordings are available at her website, Those interested in hearing her sing live can catch her performing Christmas Time at the Klein Memorial Auditorium Dec. 16 during intermission of A Winter Ballet. She plans to donate all proceeds from her debut CD to breast cancer research. She said the donation was her way of being thankful.

"So many people are afflicted with it, and I feel like I've been given this talent that I can use to help others," she said.