Instagram page lets Trumbull youths laugh at town they love

Few things have defined the social media age more than the viral spread of popular memes. For those in need of a refresher, a “meme” is a photo or short video paired with a humorous caption. Whether it’s a funny line from the hit TV show “The Office” or a satirically captioned picture, memes are everywhere in the social media sphere.
Right here in Trumbull, a popular Instagram meme page, @trumbullmemes, has captured the attention and laughs of many of the town’s young residents. Borrowing on source material uniquely familiar to those that call Trumbull home, the page has grown in size and scope, while spawning a mini-franchise of its own.
The creator of Trumbull Memes — like many internet meme makers — prefers to keep his identity on the down low. The creator, a 2012 graduate of Trumbull High who asked to be identified only as Tommy, described how the idea for a Trumbull-centric meme page came about.
“One day, I went on Facebook,” said Tommy. “I came across some funny photos news articles involving people that I knew from Trumbull and I said, ‘Boy, Trumbull really is full of some characters.’”
And with that, Tommy decided to slap a few captions to those photos, and in the summer of 2017 the Trumbull Memes page was born.
In the months that followed, the Instagram page quickly gained a following among high school students and recent graduates of Trumbull’s high schools. Tommy quickly realized that there was no shortage of Trumbull-specific materials to draw upon. For followers who grew up in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Tommy said he focused on memes invoking the nostalgic fun of Trumbull staples like the old Grand Union store, Video World, and the beloved “Mary the ice cream lady.”
For followers currently in high school and college, the Trumbull Meme page pokes fun at more modern source materials like Trumbull’s apparent abundance of new pizza places and the daily goings on at Trumbull High. Tommy’s followers regularly send him suggestions for memes, giving the page a communal feel.
The Trumbull Memes page steers away from being overtly offensive or crudely humorous. Unlike some other memes pages, Tommy says that his page isn’t meant to offend.
“It’s all in good fun,” he said.
Today, the page is nearing 6,000 followers, and Tommy says that his page now features “humor that anyone in Fairfield County can relate to.”
For all his fun-poking at Trumbull, Tommy says that he hopes his page highlights Trumbull’s bright spots as well.
“The bottom line is that Trumbull is one of the greatest towns to grow up in,” he said. “Its a town to love and a town to crack jokes about- that’s anyone’s childhood home, isn’t it?”