Carla Volpe of Trumbull, the Democratic candidate for the 134th House District, has been endorsed by the Independent Party and will appear on their ballot line in this November’s election. The party had endorsed incumbent Republican Laura Devlin, Volpe’s opponent, in the previous three elections.

The district includes parts of Fairfield and Trumbull.

Volpe said the old labels no longer applied.

“The Independent Party has endorsed me because they believe I will represent the true voice of all people regardless of whether they fall to the left or right on the political spectrum,” she said. I am not afraid to call out the leaders and elected officials of either party and I will always put the interests of my constituents first in all my decisions.”

Carla is the first Democratic candidate the party has ever endorsed in the 134th District. She is the only Democratic candidate to be cross-endorsed by the Independent Party in Trumbull and Fairfield this year.

Volpe’s mother, Rose Olexovitch, was an Independent Party Justice of the Peace for the Town of Fairfield in the mid-1990s.