In this week's Times

Here are some of the stories you’ll find in this week’s Trumbull Times, out today:

• U.S. Senator congratulates teen entrepreneur on her agricultural business and chats with students via Skype.

• Town Plan of Conservation and Development is in its final draft and ready for review.

• ‘We the People’ team win state championship.

• The Trumbull High School honor roll

• Police and fire news

• In Opinion: A local Democrat argues Republicans didn’t do the right thing in council vote and another writer criticizes recent resignation hubbub.

• Get the latest on local sports, including St. Joseph girls basketball, lacrosse, gymnastics and much more.

• Meet, Bennie, a cat who needs a good home.

• Walter Camp visits special needs center

• Find out what’s happening at Trumbull Nature and Arts Center.

• The Historical Society premieres documentary this weekend.

• More local events posted in Library News and our Spotlight section.

In this week's section B:

• Hazel Daze offers interesting finds for your home.

• It’s cold ... and getting colder: Here are tips to help keep your home safe.

• January is Radon Awareness.

• How to choose the right burglar alarm system for your home.

• Eliminate cabin fever, dancing, calendar of events and more.