IMX Invitational Cup standouts

The SMST Rapids Swim Team competed in the CDOG 8th annual IMX Cup Invitational the weekend of Oct. 19-20, at Wesleyan University. Twelve of the Rapids’ swimmers received trophy awards.Swimmers must legally complete every IMX event for their age group to be qualified for an IMX Cup award. Pictured (front row l-r) are: Anthony Lemma (4th place  10-year-old boys), Jack Gray (2nd place 13-year-old boys), Reid Chavez (1st place 12-year-old boys), Michael Riina (2nd place 14-year-old boys) and Matthew Christiano (2nd place 11-year-old boys); (second row) Kanu Caplash (3rd place 14-year-old boys), Kaley Youngcourt (4th place 13-year-old girls),  Megan Duffy (1st place 13-year-old girls), Simona Visinski (2nd place 13-year-old girls) and Makkenna Nicholas (4th place 11-year-old girls. Missing from photo are Sabrina Romansky (5th place 14-year-old girls) and Natalia Savkovic (3rd place 14-year-old girls).