Hudak: Proud to support Musto for Senate

I wholeheartedly endorse the re-election of state Sen. Anthony Musto!

I first met Sen. Musto several years ago in Trumbull Center. I introduced myself and asked him how he felt about adoptees having open access to their original birth certificates.

He said he supported adoptee rights.

I then complimented him on his campaign brochure, and he smiled proudly about the fact that he looks so much like his father.

I replied, "Sen. Musto, I wish I knew who I looked like."

With that he looked at me and promised that if he was re-elected, he would work seriously for adoptees' civil rights. This man gets it!

For the past four years Sen. Musto has introduced adoptee open access legislation in the committees he has chaired. He is indeed a man of his word. Imagine, a politician with integrity, a politician who keeps a promise.

Sen. Musto has worked very hard to try and get this bill passed. This bill has passed his committee, however,

It's not an easy bill to pass in the House and Senate! From my work on this issue, I have learned that many legislators mistakenly believe they are bound to protect birth mother confidentiality. And yet ... there has never been a law in the state of Connecticut protecting birth mother confidentiality! Connecticut adoptees must petition probate court for their birth certificates. Every other resident can just go to their local town hall to get theirs.

Sen. Anthony Musto has earned my respect; he kept his promise and has worked hard to help adopted adults have the right every other citizen enjoys — the right to know their birth identity and their medical history.

I am proud to vote for Sen. Anthony Musto and ask everyone, most especially adoptees, to support his re-election.