Heidi Langan is hoping some people take time out from walking through the mall on Friday to get some fresh air and exercise, and to do a little good along the way.

Langan, a Trumbull resident, is hosting the fourth annual “Track Friday” event at Trumbull High from 9 a.m. to noon on Nov. 23. The event, timed every year to coincide with the Black Friday retail holiday, is focused on community, charity, and health, she said.

“Track Friday is a national movement of active awareness for charities, held on the day after Thanksgiving — a day that sadly has become synonymous with commercialism, door-buster sales, and marketing schemes,” Langan said. “Instead of seeing stories about people fighting over discounted televisions, wouldn’t it be great to see people across the country spending time with their friends and families, burning some calories, and paying it forward to non-profits in our communities?”

The fitness-based event encourages participants to run or walk while donating to the charity of their choice. Last year’s event drew about 200 people and scores of donations, she said.

In addition to giving participants the choice to walk or run, Langan said, those who attend may walk or run for any given amount of time — and at any length — that morning.

“There’s no set length,” she said. “People can run at any increment, for any amount of time. It’ll be a good way for them to walk or run off the turkey from the day before.” she said.

Participants are also given complete freedom as to what charity they’d like to donate toward this holiday season.

“The money raised is not going to one specific area,” she added. “You can donate to wherever you want — choose any charity.”

The national Track Friday event in New Jersey has raised more than $175,000 since 2012. The local Trumbull one, the only one in Connecticut, typically generates about $2,000 in charitable donations, Langan said.

For more information on this year’s Track Friday, contact Heidi at Hljt43@gmail.com or go to trackfriday.com.