Herren talk set for St. Joseph

Former NBA player Chris Herren will share his story of addiction, loss and recovery tomorrow Friday Nov. 16 at 9 a.m. at St Joseph High School. The community and public are welcome to this free event.

Herren was a rising star and legend in his hometown of Fall River (Mass.), ultimately realizing his lifelong dream of playing for the Boston Celtics.

However, his dream was derailed with serious and ongoing alcohol and drug addiction — jeopardizing his family, his future, and very nearly ending his life in the process.

Sober since 2008, Herren has risen from the depths to inspire and help others through his own story.

Author of Basketball Junkie (memoirs), and founder of both The Herren Project and Hoop Dreams, Herren illustrates that challenges and setbacks are not the end of following your dreams.

Today, he travels across the nation to share his experiences with high schools, youth groups, as well as professional and athletic organizations.

ESPN featured his journey in the film: Unguarded.

It was via this film that St Joe’s Athletic Director Jim Olayos first heard Herren’s complete story.

Olayos said: “No one thinks that it [addiction] can happen to them: there stronger or smarter in those situations. Chris is a real life testament to the addiction and recovery process — and proof that anyone can fall prey to these challenges.

“If he’s able to help one individual — just one family—then he is making a positive change.

“That’s why I felt it was so important to invite him to St Joseph High School.”

St Joseph High President Dr William Fitzgerald said:

“I remember watching Chris play at B.M.C. Durfee High School in Fall River. He was a wizard with a basketball. Boston Garden would remember his tournament performances as well.

“However, what he is doing with his life today is far more meaningful than his best day ever on the court. He’s paid a high price, but what he gets from saving so many kids from his mistakes must be very satisfying.”

For more information on Chris Herren, please visit theherrenproject.org.