Herbst: 'I'm not quite ready to hang up my cleats'

First selectman announces bid for re-election:

First Selectman Timothy Herbst announced Sunday night that he will run for a third term as town chief.

The announcement came during the annual Lincoln Reagan dinner, hosted by the Trumbull Republican Town Committee.

“Over these last three years we have been tested in so many ways and trusted by our fellow citizens to make decisions and lead in a manner that places their well-being first and foremost,” Herbst said in his announcement speech. “I view my service as First Selectman as giving back to a community that has given so much to me. I believe that there is more good to be done. I believe there is to accomplish.”

Herbst is in the midst of serving his second two-year term.

“For years, Trumbull was run by an entrenched political machine comprised of special interests that looked at the Trumbull taxpayers like their own personal ATM machine,” Herbst said. “The bond rating agencies and financial advisors were very clear — Trumbull needed to change course. Trumbull was in need of fundamental reform, so we rolled up our sleeves, took out our brooms and cleaned house."

Herbst touted accomplishments of the last few years, including full-day kindergarten, senior citizen tax relief, infrastructure improvements, what he called a “stabilized tax rate” and emergency management reforms, among others.

"As we sit here tonight, Trumbull now has one of the strongest early childhood models in the state of Connecticut," he said. "Our teachers and building principals are already telling us that student achievement is improving at incredible levels because of the investment we made in full-day kindergarten last year."

The town has also avoided teacher layoffs, kept class sizes small and made capital improvements, he said. The efforts have paid off in Trumbull students outperforming other Fairfield County communities.

Herbst said that the town is beginning to reap the rewards of its economic development strategy, saying a business tax incentive plan has encouraged new business.

“In the next few months, the town of Trumbull will break ground on a new medical development that will serve as the first of its kind, state of the art cancer treatment center in Connecticut,” Herbst said. “This spring, the town of Trumbull will also welcome a new shopping center on Route 111 and see phase 2 of Trumbull Center Revitalization completed.”

Herbst said too much progress has been made to stop now.

“I firmly believe we have come too far and accomplished too much to turn back the clock and return to the policies of the past,” Herbst said. “I love the people of this town and I am honored to lead the best town in America.”