Latino candidates, former educators and those with civic ties to Trumbull make this year’s Republican ticket the most diverse in recent memory, according to GOP first selectman candidate Michael Herbst.

“In assembling this amazing team of candidates, I wanted a ticket that reflected the best of Trumbull,” Herbst said. “The residents of Trumbull want to get beyond the talking points and the rhetoric. The ticket I have assembled is not a partisan ticket focused on the next election. This is a ticket comprised of people focused on the next generation.”

Herbst specifically cited three Latino candidates, Lissette Colón, Olga Leiva and Gaspar “Gaby” Reyes, running for Town Council in District 4.

In addition there are numerous former educators on the ticket, including retired St. Joseph athletic director and coach, Christy Hayes.

“Everyone in Trumbull knows the healthy rivalry that exists between Trumbull High School and St. Joseph High School,” Herbst said. “After many years of coaching against each other, it is nice to be on the same side of the line as Christy Hayes and I am proud to have him running on my ticket.”

The ticket also includes candidates with diverse backgrounds in the legal, financial and business fields, Herbst said.

“The candidates on my team are your neighbors, your colleagues, and your friends,” he said. “They bring experience from a myriad of professions. Many have been active in our schools as educators, parents active in the Trumbull PTA, or active with sports groups and other community organizations.”

Herbst said the number of first-time candidates was evidence that residents were convinced Trumbull is on the wrong path.

“The people of Trumbull know me - I am my own man, controlled by no person, no political party and no special interest group,” he said. “My agenda is the betterment of Trumbull In assembling this amazing slate of candidates, I have chosen people that will help me move Trumbull forward in a positive direction.”