TRUMBULL — Two Trumbull eateries failed their quarterly health inspections in February, one for leaving chocolate sauce out of the refrigerator and another for a more serious infraction involving a sick employee.

Pretzel Maker in Westfield Trumbull mall was issued a failing grade because the inspector noted that containers of chocolate sauce was stored on the counter, not in the refrigerator. This is a 4-point violation and automatically merits a failure. The staff voluntarily discarded the chocolate during the inspector’s visit. Pretzel Maker’s overall score was a 91.

Soups ‘n Such, the cafe inside The Kennedy Center, received a 4-point violation because of an employee who returned to work too soon after being out sick.

According to health guidelines, the employee, who was vomiting because of food poisoning Feb. 2, returned to work before the required 72 hours after last showing symptoms. The restaurant received another 4-point violation for having the chlorine sanitizing solution mixed at 200 parts per million when the required limit is between 50 and 100 parts per million, or a teaspoon of bleach to a gallon of warm water.

Soups ‘n Such received an overall 90-point score.

Four times each year, the Health Department makes unannounced visits to each restaurant in town, grading each establishment on 62 criteria. Inspectors issue scores on a 100-point scale, deducting between one and four points for various health violations. Any score under an 80 is considered a failure, as is even a single four-point violation.

Restaurant inspections are detailed, with health inspectors last month deducting points for violations at area eateries such as not having a wastebasket near the hand washing sink, not labeling food containers and dirt on the floor of walk-in freezers.

In February, the department inspected 21 restaurants, issuing scores between 86 and 99. The scores are as follows:

Best Edibles - 86.

Brueggers - 92.

Cafe 5520 - 95.

Caracas Grill - 92.

Chiang Mai Thai - 94.

Cooper Surgical (75 Corporate Drive) - 99.

Cooper Surgical (95 Corporate Drive) - 97.

DrewbaQ - 96.

Giove’s Pizza Kitchen - 89.

Middlebrook School - 99.

Panda Express - 99.

Pretzel Maker - 91.

Pretzel Maker kiosk - 94.

Romanacci - 93.

Sapore Italian Deli - 88.

Soups ‘n Such - 90.

Subway 5065 Main Street - 95.

Tashua Knolls Restaurant - 94.

Tashua School - 99.

Trumbull Cafe & Grill - 87.

Trumbull Pizza Company - 96.