To the editor:

As summer ends, I’d like to share how wonderful it has been to have options for adults to play pickleball here in Trumbull.

This summer I was fortunate to find that four of the tennis courts at Unity Park were striped for both tennis and pickleball. There were plenty of folks for round robin play each morning. It was easy to find a group to match your skill level, get exercise, have fun and socialize.

I had never played the game before and found this to be a great opportunity to learn, become more skilled at this fun sport, and to meet new people.

Recently, I got my husband and several friends involved. It’s been a wonderful way to get together in the evening and have fun before heading out to grab a bite at a local spot. I even heard that the Senior Center is planning to add a court.

Thank you to the Town of Trumbull for offering adults a way to have fun and keep active.

Karen Fox