Gadkar-Wilcox once again challenging Rutigliano in Trumbull's 123rd District

For the third time, Democrat Sujata Gadkar-Wilcox, 43, will face off against Republican David Rutigliano, 57, for 123rd House seat.

Incumbent Rutigliano defeated Gadkar-Wilcox in 2020 and 2018 to represent the district, which includes part of Trumbull. 

Hearst Connecticut Media asked the candidates what they considered the top issues in their district and what they would do about them. Here are their responses:

Sujata Gadkar-Wilcox

Town of residence: Trumbull

Education: BA Cornell University, Politics; Master of Philosophy from New School, Politics; JD University of Pennsylvania

Political/civic experience: Trumbull Ethics Commission, League of Women Voters of Connecticut, Rotary Club of Trumbull

Top two issues: First, I want to address our increasing political polarization. Despite what we hear from our national politics and in the media, most people want moderate, common-sense solutions to our problems. Reducing polarization requires incentivizing ordinary people to get involved in the process by ensuring the integrity of our state government. I will advocate for strengthening public financing of elections, for an independent districting commission so that politicians cannot choose their voters, and for reasonable term limits to discourage career politicians. Second, we need to protect the freedoms that recent Supreme Court decisions have put under threat. Most of us want a clean environment, to have our kids and families protected from gun violence, and to have control over our private medical decisions. In the absence of federal leadership, we need state laws to codify our freedom to breathe clean air, our freedom for our kids to study in a safe environment in school, and our freedom to make our own decisions about our bodies. We must protect women’s rights.

David Rutigliano

Town of residence: Trumbull

Education: Johnson & Wales University 

Political/civic experience: state representative for the 123rd district, Trumbull Board of Finance, Trumbull Economic Development Committee, Trumbull Little League Board

Top two issues: I am committed to making Connecticut more affordable by reducing taxes, returning a portion of the budget surplus to the taxpayers and removing regulations that have reduced opportunity and increased inflation. I also support common sense criminal justice reforms that would help with officer recruitment, retention, hold criminals accountable and make Connecticut safer. I have committed to a legislative agenda featured within the Contract with Connecticut.  Initiatives included in the contract cover important issues, such as affordability, inflation, crime and public safety, families, honesty and transparency in government and local control of zoning and education. My hope is to continue to help my community by bringing real world experience and applying common sense solutions to the issues facing Connecticut.