GOP council members thank public

On Monday evening, among other items, the Town Council took up a resolution which only encompassed approving the site selection and conceptual design for a proposed Community/Senior Center, as presented by the Community/Senior Center Building Committee and architect.

Contrary to circulated misinformation, allocation of any new funds, or the selling of any town-owned property was not part of any resolution brought before the Town Council at this meeting.

As explained by Building Committee Co-Chairman Joe Pifko, the passing of Resolution TC26-135 would simply allow the Building Committee to complete another step in the process they were originally charged with over two years ago. Mr. Pifko added, this charge consists of three main benchmarks; 1. Identify a potential site; 2. Develop a conceptual design based on the proposed site; and 3. Determine a cost to build the project as designed.

The committee’s presentation to the Council Monday evening marked the completion of benchmarks 1 and 2. Upon approval, the next step would be for the Building Committee to seek the expertise of a professional construction manager who would intensely analyze the proposed center’s conceptual plans with the objective of producing a plan-specific cost estimate. Any previously mentioned costs were derived solely on a per square-foot estimate. Also noted no new funds are allocated.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the residents who packed the Town Hall Council Chambers and endured this marathon of a Town Council meeting. We would like to further thank all those who brought their questions and concerns forward whether during public comment, via email, or public demonstration. Your comments and emails clearly defined common themes of asking the council to seek more information before making any decisions.  The Town Council Republicans take the scope of this initiative very seriously, and appreciate the many variables at play both locally, and at the state level. Ultimately, we feel by voting for this resolution, and allowing the Building Committee to complete their work, we will be able to obtain the necessary information to address all concerns, and make an informed decision in the best interest of our great town.

Your passion for issues and immersion into the process is confirmation as to why we set out to run for elected office in the first place. Again, we thank you.

If you are interested in seeing the Building Committee’s presentation, or have questions please consider attending the final information session Wednesday, May 10 at 7pm. in the High School Sr. Lounge. You can also see the presentation by going to the town website, Renderings are also available for viewing at the library and Senior Center.