Free phone and tablet charging at AT&T stores

AT&T is offering free cell phone and tablet charging stations to those left without power in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. All company-owned stores in New England will offer the charging service until Nov. 12. The nearest store is in the Westfield Trumbull mall, which also has multiple charging stations set up.

In addition, AT&T and T-Mobile have entered into an agreement to enable roaming on their networks to customers of both companies in the hard-hit areas. Customers can place calls normally, but their calls will be carried by whichever network is most operational in the area. There will be no change to rates or plans for customers of either company.

AT&T customers wishing to make a $10 donation to Hurricane Sandy relief can text the following: REDCROSS to 90999 to support the American Red Cross;

STORM to 80888 to help the Salvation Army; and HUMANE to 80888 to give to the American Humane Society.

Customers who would like to contribute more can text up to five times for a total donation of $50. All donations will be paid to the customer's designated charity and the customer will be charged for the donation via the customer's monthly AT&T bill.

For more information on the company's efforts related to Hurricane Sandy,