FULL TEXT: Herbst statement on proposed state land lease

On Thursday night, the Trumbull Town Council will consider a lease agreement between the Town of Trumbull and the State of Connecticut.  This is the final step in a process transferring land interests between Bridgeport and Trumbull.

As a result of this almost three year process, the City of Bridgeport has been able to acquire property to build a state of the art magnet high school, which will benefit the entire region.  This was an issue of paramount importance to our neighbors in Bridgeport and the region, as they seek to take positive steps to improve the delivery of public education, work to close achievement gaps and achieve greater regional collaboration in the area of public education.

The Transfer Agreement, approved unanimously by the Connecticut General Assembly and signed into law by the Governor last year was a true testament of bipartisan cooperation.  Republicans and Democrats at the state level realized that the Transfer Agreement was a positive solution for both Bridgeport and Trumbull.  
The Transfer Agreement represented no additional expense to the City of Bridgeport and represented a better solution than the inter-municipal agreement originally contemplated.

At the same time, under the lease agreement that the Town Council will consider Thursday night, the Town of Trumbull will receive over 40 acres from the State of Connecticut.  This is more acreage than originally anticipated.  Once this lease agreement is finalized, Trumbull will be in a stronger position to expand and enhance our trail system, which is used by almost 6000 residents on a weekly basis.  This agreement will also allow the Town of Trumbull to utilize office space on the parcel.  Bridgeport will retain a small portion of the acreage through a sublease agreement for a period of 10 years.  Trumbull has been given a 25 year lease, with two 25 year options, representing a 75 year leasehold for the total consideration of $1.  

I want to thank Governor Malloy, Andrew McDonald and Christopher Drake of Governor Malloy’s Office, Graham Stevens from the Office of Policy and Management, officials from the CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, as well as our Town Attorneys in finalizing the terms of this lease agreement.  I am confident that the Trumbull Town Council will recognize the hard work and diligence of our state and local officials in completing this lease agreement.

In 1989, the Town of Trumbull had the foresight and the vision to acquire the Pequonnock River Valley.  Over time, we have seen the fruits of that investment.  Every other morning, as I run through the valley, I see thousands of other residents who take full advantage of our trail system.  They often stop me to comment that our trail system was such a prudent investment.  Our parks and our natural resources truly define us as a community.  This lease agreement in essence becomes an extension of the original investment we made in 1989 and I am confident that the Trumbull Town Council will recognize on Thursday evening that all parties have worked together to deliver a comprehensive agreement that makes sense for Trumbull and the entire region.