Eversource: Pipeline would address energy needs

Eversource has issued a statement in response to a report critical of the proposed Access Northeast pipeline.

"The report is flawed and fails to recognize the energy challenges facing consumers and businesses in New England," according to a statement from Eversource. "The lack of adequate natural gas infrastructure is threatening our region’s energy reliability, driving up costs and hurting efforts to lower greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, in December alone, New Englanders paid electricity prices that were 47 percent higher than the national average – in large part due to inadequate natural gas supplies. In addition, ISO New England – responsible for ensuring the stability of New England’s power grid – is warning that the state of our natural gas infrastructure is a 'current, and growing, reliability risk.' Finally, according to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, since clean-burning natural gas has begun to replace oil and coal for electric generation, we have seen 45 percent decreases in greenhouse gas emissions in the region.   In the end, this study does a disservice to consumers by overstating the costs of the project, underestimating the impact on families and businesses of doing nothing, and ignoring the real reliability concerns that must be addressed."

The report to which Eversource was responding was sponsored by a coalition of environmental and consumer groups, including the Sierra Club of Connecticut, Connecticut Fund for the Environment, Sierra Club of Massachusetts, Consumers for Sensible Energy, Pipeline Awareness Network of the Northeast and Mass Energy Consumers Alliance.