Domestic Violence Awareness vigil at Trumbull Library Oct. 17

The Center for Family Justice, with the support of community leaders and law enforcement in the six communities it serves, has scheduled a series of vigils to mark the observance of Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October.

Thursday, Oct. 17 — Community Room, Trumbull Library, 6 p.m.

Debra A. Greenwood, CFJ’s President and CEO, will join police chiefs and community leaders in each town, to speak to their hope that the statistics on domestic violence can improve with continued dedication to protecting victims and educating the public about prevention. “This has been a particularly challenging year for those of us who care about victims of intimate partner violence,” said Greenwood. “Sadly, we have had several domestic violence homicides in recent months, as well as a high profile missing person’s case in New Canaan, that have put a spotlight on just how insidious and dangerous intimate partner abuse can be in the lives of victims.”

“Every year, I hear a story at a vigil from someone in attendance who feels compelled to come forward with their experiences with domestic violence because of the support they feel at our vigils,” Greenwood said. “That tells me how important it is for us us to gather together to demonstrate that there is an entire community behind them ready of offer its support.”

CFJ’s vigils are appropriate for all ages, and open to the public. Members of the press are welcome and encouraged to attend. Please follow CFJ’s social media channels (Facebook/Twitter) or visit for updates on rain locations.