Dog licenses need to be renewed annually

Dog licenses must be renewed by Friday, July 31, by postal mail (this year only).

By state law, penalty charges of $1 per month, are added after July 31 (this year only).

To renew a dog license, complete the Dog License Application online at and review the following information for your pet:

• Address

• Owner’s name

• Pet’s Name

• Phone

• Type of dog

Also provide:

• A current rabies certificate (if applicable)

• Proof of spaying or neutering must be presented

• Payment for licensing fees (cash or check payable to: Town of Trumbull)

• Self addressed stamped envelopeLicense FeesSpayed or neutered: $8

• Non-spayed or non-neutered: $19

Late renewal charge after July 31: $1 per month (by state law)

Call 203-452-5035 to keep records up to date.