Debicella wants another shot at Himes' seat

Former State Senator Dan Debicella of Shelton is once again running for Congress, he announced in a Thursday morning press release.

Debicella was the 2010 Republican nominee for Connecticut's Fourth District, which Jim Himes has represented since 2009. Himes beat the Republican 53% to 47% in 2010. The race made CNN’s Top 100 Most Competitive Races list, Politico’s Daily 10 (a tracker of the closest House Races), and Real Clear Politics’ list of “toss up” races.

The Fourth District represents most of Fairfield County, including Trumbull.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result,” Debicella said in the press release. “We cannot expect different results in Washington if we continue to send the same people there to represent us. Jim Himes has failed us in so many ways. He has promoted bad economic policies that have made Connecticut the worst state in the nation for job growth, exploded our national debt by trillions of dollars, and increased health care costs for middle class families.”

Debicella added: “But even worse, Jim Himes has chosen to be part of the corrupt Washington culture — adopting the very practices he once railed against.  He writes legislation with lobbyists in exchange for millions in campaign contributions, and spends his time raising money with special interests rather than solving our nation’s problems. Instead of trying to find bipartisan solutions, Himes talks a lot about working together and then votes lock-step with his political party. Jim Himes has become part of the problem.”

Debicella cited the “Himes amendment” as an example of how Himes has become part of the corrupt Washington culture.  The New York Times recently reported <;  how Citigroup, Himes’ largest campaign contributor in 2012, drafted a bill for him to co-sponsor that would strip one of the largest provisions of the Dodd-Frank financial regulation on banks.  Himes has taken $2 million dollars from Wall Street since his first election for Congress in 2008. “Watch what Himes does, not what he says,” Debicella said.  “While railing against special interests and partisan gridlock at home, Jim Himes is engaged in both on a daily basis in Washington.”

Debicella promises his campaign will focus on solutions, according to the press release. “Over the next 14 months, I will be laying out plans to create jobs, reduce our deficit through lowering spending, and improving the quality of life of families in Fairfield County.  Whether in my business, State Senate, or community involvement, I have been a problem-solver—and I want to bring that attitude to Congress rather than the current partisan gridlock.”