Dean thanks supporters, volunteers

Just before 9 p.m. Monday night, when it was apparent I had lost my bid, I went to the Republican headquarters to concede. I felt it best to end the campaign on my terms and move on.

I wish Rep. Hwang the best of luck in his third term. The voters have made their choice to re-elect him. I respect this choice. I want to thank him for being a gentleman throughout this campaign.

Although we did not win, my campaign team did an incredible job and I want to thank them for the countless hours they devoted to me and for having faith in me.

First, I want to thank my team: treasurer Jen Hochberg, Doug Jones, Bob Greenberger, Mike Tetreau, Kim Fawcett, Stanton Lesser, Cathy Albin, Maureen Driscoll, Nancy Schutte, and Matt Waggner.

I want to thank my friends, my neighbors, members of the Fairfield and Trumbull Democratic town committees who volunteered to help me with phone banking, postcards, canvasses, and those who wrote testimonials and letters to the editor. I want to thank my neighbors and friends in Fairfield and Trumbull who put up signs and supported me with words of encouragement, social media postings, texts, etc. It was all appreciated.

Thank you, Connecticut Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz and Connecticut state Sen. Anthony Musto for joining me on the campaign trail and standing with me at the polls. Thank you, Steve Yenke and Ken Seccente, my team from Trumbull and Hartford, for your guidance and help on my campaign.

I want to thank Rep. Kim Fawcett for her advice, her time, and for always being there to share her wisdom with me. Congratulations on your victory, I knew you would do it!

My family has been there with me every step of the way. I can't thank them enough: my children, Christopher, Cullen, and Maggie, who pitched in in big ways and small, and who continue to challenge me, to keep me current, sharp and, yes, sometimes exasperated.

I want to thank my best friend and campaign manager, attorney Lisa Winjum, for taking on a task that would have destroyed a friendship as close as ours, but intuitively knew when to be a boss and when to be a friend. I'm grateful for this intuition. In my 11th hour, she was by my side when I needed her most.

Most importantly, I want to thank my husband, my biggest cheerleader, my sounding board, and the best life partner and business partner I could ask for.

It's been a long seven months since I first announced my intention to run for state representative. Your support inspired me and kept me motivated — every single day of this campaign.

Yes, it's disappointing to lose after all the hard work that many people have poured into this effort. I am grateful to those who supported me and I value the friendships — new and old — that were a part of this campaign. I am humbled to know that many people worked hard on my behalf. I have no regrets.

Now it's time turn my energies back to being the best RTM representative that I can be, to spending time with my family, and to continuing my work as a volunteer at my church and in the community.