DVD takes viewers back in time

Local historian and writer Sue DelBianco has produced a historical film, "Rails To Trails: A Journey Back in Time."

The film tells the story of the Housatonic line, which connected Bridgeport to Trumbull and towns as far as New Milford.

The railroad aided in bringing industry alive in Trumbull, Monroe, and Newtown. Many mills sprang up during the mid-1800s in the Trumbull Valley, as did a reservoir, ice houses, two train stations and an amusement park called "Parlor Rock" in which the Housatonic Railroad formed to promote train travel. The amusement park ran between 1878-1898, attracting thousands of people each year.

In the late 1800s, the Housatonic Railroad was taken over by the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad. Rail service on the line ended in 1942.

Today, the abandoned rail line has become one of Connecticut’s best recreational trails, starting at Tait Road in Trumbull.

Copies of the DVD are $12 and are available by calling 203-260-5394 or email delbiancosue@yahoo.com.