Trumbull may get a look at some proposals for a new Senior Center some time in January, if not sooner, according to Community Facilities Building Committee Chairman Lori Hayes-O’Brien.

“I would say early 2020 at the latest,” Hayes-O’Brien said Monday. “We’re working on some of ther wording, and looking at the best way to get it to everyone in the community.”

The committee has scheduled a discussion and vote for Nov. 21 on five different proposals for construction of a new senior center. When the committee first formed, there was some discussion about possibly building a combined senior center and library, but that idea was not pursued.

“We would have loved to have combined a senior center and library, but that would have meant the project would have to be a lot bigger,” she said.

The five proposals include options for building a new center on Church Hill Road or at the site of the Long Hill Administration Building, which is currently used for Board of Education offices and meetings.

The most basic design calls for a single-story 22,000 square-foot building with 150 parking spaces on Church Hill Road and costing about $13.8 million. That bare bones design forms the basis for the second option, which consists of the basic building enhanced with the addition of a basement that would add 5,000 feet of event space and a 7,000 feet of storage at a cost of $16.7 million

“Based on the way the ground slopes at the Church Hill Road site, it’s almost easier to build it with a basement rather than having to fill in and level the ground,” Hayes-O’Brien said.

The third option for the Church Hill Road site is a 60,000 square-foot building that includes a main level, the basement level, plus a 32,000 square-foot “shell” to incorporate future use. This would have a $24.5 million price tag.

“This would be to build out the exterior, to accomodate future growth if the town has a vision of what can go there,” Hayes-O’Brien said. “If there are ideas of what we could build, it’s less expensive to build it while we’re already building.”

The two proposals for the Long Hill site are a slightly altered version of the basic plan, with a slightly lower $13.6 million estimate, and a 44,000 square-foot plan including the basic building plus a 22,000 square-foot shell costing $21 million. Neither of the Long Hill plans incorporates the basement event and storage capabilities of the Church Hill Road location.

The agenda for the Nov. 21 committee meeting calls for a discussion and vote on the five proposals. The committee ultimately would like to send two options to the public to guage interest, Hayes-O’Brien said. While the committee has not decided how to best distribute the survey, Hayes-O’Brien said it would most likely be sent by mail to Trumbull households, and have options for either mailing back the responses or directing respondents to an online site to give their feedback.

“The goal is to have two proposals that we can send to the community,” she said. The senior center survey will likely also include proposals from the Aquatics Building Committee, which is looking into the possibility of building a competition swimming pool and therapy pool adjacent to the current recreational pool and sprinkler park at Beach Park.

“The survey will serve two purposes - getting feedback from the community, and also educating people about the process,” Hayes-O’Brien said.

“We want