Commission meeting centers on Trumbull's natural resources

The Trumbull Conservation Commission will hold a public meeting Dec. 18 to seek comment and suggestions for Trumbull's Natural Resource Inventory. The goal of the NRI project is to assess the town's natural assets of open space, rivers and streams and parks that protect the quality of the environment and thereby add to the town's economic, residential and recreational values. Topics to be discussed include open space, flooding, wildlife and native species, and the environmental and public health contributions of natural resources.

Invited guests along with the general public will participate in a workshop to identify and prioritize questions the community would like to see addressed in the NRI.

"We have tremendous talent and resources within Trumbull for such a task, and solid examples from other Connecticut towns that have recently completed their NRI assignment," said Commissioner Don Watson, who is co-chair of the NRI along with Joanne Parsons.

"The town's newly completed GIS mapping system enables us to map and thus plan best strategies to protect our natural resources, wetlands and open spaces," Watson said. "Added support is provided by the Pequonnock Watershed Plan, recently completed and approved by the State's Department of Energy and Environment. It qualifies the Town for grants to improve its open spaces, through projects such as the recently completed streamside buffer in Old Mine Park."

The commission believes that its work on the NRI will be helpful to the town as town officials develop the Plan of Conservation and Development.

The Dec. 18 meeting will begin at 7 p.m. in the Helen Plumb Building at 571 Church Hill Road. Questions or comments prior to the meeting can be directed to Don Watson at

The Conservation Commission is a science-based advisory commission that oversees the protection and supervision of natural resources in Trumbull. It acts in an advisory capacity to the town's regulatory land use boards, as well as makes recommendations regarding open-space, watershed plans, and natural resource preservation