Commentary: Heal rifts, overcome evil with good

Last Friday, we were confronted by the presence of evil in our world in a most horrifying way. As the hours passed that morning and early afternoon, and the magnitude of this crime became clearer, the shock was only intensified.

I needed to speak to the students and staff before they left for the weekend, and my message was simple: first, go home and hug your parents; second, if there is any relationship in your life that needs healing, take the first step; third, we are called to be the "Light of the World", and when evil presents itself, as it did Friday, we are obligated to bear witness and work against it, so go out and do something positive this weekend. Show God's love to someone.

And that is my plea to all of you reading this through the week as we mourn the victims of Friday's tragedy: Please draw closer to your loved ones, heal any rifts that exist, and overcome evil with good. Our Lord assures us of the ultimate triumph of good, and we must shoulder our share of the responsibility.

God Bless you all!