Chief of Staff Dan Nelson resigns, plans to run startup political technology firm

Daniel Nelson, Chief of Staff to First Selectman Timothy M Herbst, has announced that he is resigning his position effective December 9, 2012. After three years as the First Selectman's Chief of Staff, Nelson indicated that he will be leaving his position to focus his efforts on a startup company he has formed with a business partner geared towards advanced technology used by political campaigns to target and identify voters.

In a letter dated Friday to the First Selectman, Nelson stated, "I have found the last three years serving as your Chief of Staff to be an extremely rewarding experience and the job has provided me with a truly unique perspective on the operations of a municipality," stated Nelson. Nelson went on to state that he was most proud of helping the administration implement legislative and policy initiatives. "I sincerely believe all this work has moved the town forward immeasurably and I am incredibly proud to have been a part of your team."

First Selectman Herbst offered praise for his outgoing Chief of Staff and thanked his friend of 22 years for all of his efforts on his behalf. "Dan Nelson has had such a positive impact and the people of Trumbull owe him a huge debt of gratitude," stated Herbst. "All the positive accomplishments of the last three years are in large part the result of Dan's hard work, perseverance and dedication to the Town of Trumbull."

Herbst credited Nelson with introducing defined contribution plans into the town's pension system, while helping to negotiate several collective-bargaining agreements that will now include defined contribution plans for new employee hires. Herbst also indicated that Nelson played a key role in reforming departments within Town Hall, specifically the positions of Town Engineer, Economic and Community Development Director, and Director of Planning. Finally, Nelson was instrumental in serving as the administration's legislative liaison to the Trumbull Town Council in getting important initiatives passed. These initiatives included charter revision, senior tax relief, a business tax incentive ordinance as well as procuring federal grants that include road and trail improvements within the Town. "There have been many important legislative initiatives of the last three years and Dan was our point person in seeing that these important initiatives successfully made their way through the Trumbull Town Council." The First Selectman indicated that Nelson successor will have very big shoes to fill in the months and years ahead.

Herbst concluded that Nelson's new business pursuit should become the new model in running local, state, or national campaigns. "At age 29, I was the youngest person elected to the office of First Selectman in the Town of Trumbull and the first Republican re-elected to the office in 40 years largely because of Dan's voter outreach operation. Dan is a tremendous asset and he will be greatly missed by all. I thank him for all of his help and support."