Chief — We want officers to park, walk and talk

Editor’s Note - This is the second in a series of commentaries explaining the Trumbull Police Department’s services and community engagement programs. Read Part I here.

This is the second week in a series of articles that I will be writing in an effort to share with the community some of the programs the Trumbull Police Department are engaged in. Each week I will be explaining different community services that we offer.

Trumbull Patrol officers are instructed that on a daily basis they should park their police vehicles, get out and walk and talk. They become known in the retail areas of town and engage with business owners and community members on a regular basis. We want our officers and the business owners to know one another. Communication with the public is not limited to a call the officer maybe responding to, but needs to be a daily activity

Our “Coffee with a Cop” and “Cones with a Cop” programs take place at various locations in Trumbull. They are simple meet and greet events that have no agenda and which community members can stop and chat with the officers. This is also a great opportunity for children to spend some time with officers as well.

The Trumbull Police Department’s Traffic Division is composed of officers who attend extensive training of traffic investigations. They investigate serious and fatal accidents and have also been certified to properly install car seats for residents. This is an important service to provide. An incorrectly installed seat can cause serious injury or death to a child in the event of an accident.

The Police Cadet program has been in existence for many years. Students between the ages of 14 and 21 have the opportunity to work with our police officer advisors and learn what a career in law enforcement may involve. They assist with Trumbull Day, the Memorial Day Parade, the annual Toy Drive and other areas where they can serve the community. It is a great way for students that may be interested in a career in law enforcement to obtain an understanding of a police officer’s duties and responsibilities.

The Canine Patrol consists of two patrol officers and their canines, Rico and Bane. They are assigned to the Patrol Division and provide a valuable asset to the entire community. They are able to conduct searches for lost and missing people, for those who have fled the area after committing a crime, and detect illicit drugs. They are a wonderful asset to the Town and have been for years now.

Trumbull police officers have participated in the Special Olympics’ Tip a Cop event at various restaurants throughout town. They volunteer their time and every Tip they receive is donated to the Connecticut Special Olympics. In addition to Tip a Cop, Police officers run in the Special Olympics Torch Run annually as it travels through Trumbull. The Torch Run also raises money for the Special Olympians through mileage sponsorships.