Campus News

Worcester Polytechnic Institute — Neal Keklik, a member of the class of 2021 majoring in aerospace engineering, was a member of a student team that recently completed an intense, hands-on research project in Nantucket. The project was titled Promoting Visitation and Commerce in the Shoulder Season. In their project summary, the students wrote, "The goal of this project was to aid the Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce (NICC) in encouraging businesses to remain open and determine ways to increase visitation during the shoulder season."

Dean’s List

Bryant University — Morgan Story

Curry College — Nikki Silva-Schneider, class of 2023 and is majoring in Nursing.

Emmanuel College — Valerie Eigenrauch, Tori Rieger

Purchase College Lilly Steers, studying Photography.

Tufts University — Jacob Fried, Dylan McEniry, Hannah Sudhakar

University of Nebraska-Lincoln — Maggie Ameer, a sophomore Advertising and Public Relations major

President's List

Norwich University — Ryan S. Cranston

University of Hartford — Olivia Bucci, Anthony Gomez, Angel Panton-Lula, Santiago Serna

Western New England University — Lliam Christiano, BA in Psychology; Madi son Formanek, exploring a degree in Business