Call from worried employer leads to Trumbull man’s arrest

A call from a worried employer led to the arrest of the employee’s ex at 4 a.m. Aug. 2.

Police received a call from the local woman’s employer requesting that an officer check on her well-being. The employer said the woman had not been showing up for work, and that they knew the woman had a protective order prohibiting contact with her ex.

Police went to the woman’s home and as officers approached the house, they reported seeing a man look out the window, then quickly disappear from the window.

When the woman answered the door, she told police she was fine, but appeared to grow apprehensive when police asked who had peeked out the window. When police told her they would need to speak to the mysterious man before leaving the house, she agreed to let the officers search the house, and they found Josue Orellana Guzman, 34, of Trumbull hiding in one of the rooms.

Guzman was charged with violating a protective order. Bond was $2,000 for court later that day.

Changed clothing

A West Haven man was arrested July 30 after he allegedly tried to steal jeans, sweatpants and a Ralph Lauren sweatshirt from Macy’s.

According to reports, store security watched Robert Banks, 48, enter the fitting room carrying the clothing and an empty shopping bag. He emerged from the room a few minutes later wearing different clothing and carrying the clothing he had been wearing in his bag.

Banks left the store and pulled away from security officers when they tried to stop him. Between store officers and police they were able to tackle Banks and take him into custody. He was charged with sixth-degree larceny and interfering with police. Bond was $5,000 for court Aug. 12.

In addition, Banks was found to have numerous warrants for failure to appear in court on previous charges. He was served with seven failure to appear warrants, with bond set at $90,000.

Computer crime

A complaint of unauthorized phone charges led to the arrest of a Bridgeport woman July 29.

In February, a Trumbull man told police that unauthorized payments totalling $898 had been made to a cellular phone company on his credit card. The payments had been made between November 2018 and January 2019.

Police obtained a search warrant for the company’s billing records, and were able to identify Helena Holland, 31, as a suspect. When interviewed by detectives, Holland denied any knowledge of the credit card charges, but based on company records police were able to get an arrest warrant. She turned herself in July 29. She has been charged with fifth-degree larceny and computer crime. She wa released on a promise to appear in court Aug. 7.

Theft from cars

A UPS employee who had previously been arrested for stealing a car and then driving to work has been arrested again, according to reports.

On June 25, Julio Figueroa, 19, of Bridgeport, was arrested in the parking lot of the UPS building on Honeyspot Road in Stratford. Police said he had stolen a vehicle in Trumbull that morning, and had been found still inside the car when the owner had contacted OnStar to have the vehicle located and disabled.

After Figueroa had been release pending his court appearance, police received several other complaints of cars being burglarized that morning. Specifically, police said a resident had reported a laptop computer being stolen, and another complained of cash and credit cards being stolen.

Police rearrested Figueroa when he went to court for the stolen car charge. He is now facing the additional charges of third-degree burglary, fifth-degree larceny, and sixth-degree larceny. Bond on the latest charges is $100,000 for court Aug. 9.