Board of Finance: Elaine Hammers

Party - Republican

Incumbent? - Yes

Age - 70

Current Job/Employer? - Business Manager/Hammers Healthcare Imaging

High School - Mother Butler Memorial

College - Marymount Manhattan College

Post Graduate - Columbia

The top issue you will address if elected: (50 words or less) - Controlling taxes while maintaining the high quality of our education system and the level of services currently provided is the top issue. Expenses must be carefully reviewed and controlled. Bonding should be kept under control with taxpayers having input on all bonding because bonds commit payments in future tax years.

What other issues do you feel are important in this election? (50 words or less) - Careful management of zoning and growth is vital! Zone changes can quickly change the town's character. Apartments can have a major impact on schools. A zone waiver may allow a particular project but a zone change throws things wide open. What starts out as senior housing can be changed when they can’t be rented; a commercial change allows anything including a McDonald’s

Tell us about your family - I have been married to Lynwood Hammers for 47 years. Our two children Erika (married to Gary Lesser and has two young boys) and Christopher (married to Ana Roman) both attended Trumbull Public Schools from kindergarten thru high school graduation . They went on to college and graduate school. We have lived in Trumbull since 1983.

Elected offices held or community groups involved with: Board of Finance, Pension Board, Civil Service Board, PTA, Read Aloud

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