Bevilacqua slams NRA after not receiving endorsement

As a former state permit holder (whose pistol permit expired while I was on assignment in the UK) who made the defense of the supreme law of the land, the constitution, specifically the second amendment, a centre piece of my platform, I am amazed that they would endorse Dave [Rutigliano] without even sending me a questionaire.

I have relatives that were certified NRA instructors and this action by them is proof that they are a corrupt organizations of criminals, and not guardians of our rights. The right to bear arms is a very ancient right which was most recently codified in the 1688 English Bill of Rights, which became federal law when our people relocated to the new world.

When I am elected to office, I will sponsor legislation to return the record keeping of the right to bear arms to the people and not to be approved or dis-regarded by a for-fee club of wacko's, irresponsible citizens who know nothing of politics.

Since their creation in the 1870's, the NRA and these fringe militias that they gather together with, the rights of the people have diminished and the cancer that is the National Rifle Association needs to be completely removed from society.