Baby delivered along Route 25 in Trumbull

Yesterday while racing to Bridgeport hospital, OB/GYN Dr. Ronika Choudhary, received a phone call from a patient that said delivery was imminent.

Both the patient and Choudhary were driving along Route 25 at the time. Beth Cannone, who works for Choudhary said the doctor pulled over along Route 25, just past Route 15 in Trumbull to wait for her patient who was driving the same route.

“Dr. Choudhary spoke with the patient and she was ahead of her on Route 25, she told the patient she would pull over. She heard her [the patient] in the background screaming like she wanted to push,” Cannone said.

Once the patient pulled up behind Choudhary, she went over to meet with her patient who was crowning.

“Without hesitation she delivered her baby right there on the side of Route 25 in Trumbull before the police or the ambulance showed up,”Cannone said.

Cannone said Choudhary delivered a healthy baby girl at 5:15 p.m. on Wednesday.

When asked how the mother and newborn were doing, Cannone said they “they’re amazing. They’re doing wonderfully. Not a complication — nothing. She was fantastic.”

The patient has not given Choudhary’s office permission to release her name at this time.