Aquarion: Cut water use 20%

Aquarion Water Company is urging customers throughout the southwestern part of the state to cut back on indoor water use by 20%.

From Bridgeport to Greenwich, Aquarion’s reservoirs are between 15% and 60% of capacity. The company has been building temporary pipelines to balance the supply among its reservoirs.

However, no end to the dry weather pattern is in sight, and state authorities are also seeking major reductions in usage. Aquarion is responding by increasing its water conservation communications campaign to focus on simple, proven ways to “defeat the drought” by cutting back on indoor consumption. These include:

  • Fixing all drips and leaks;

  • Turning off taps while washing hands, shaving and brushing teeth;

  • Shortening shower times;

  • Setting correct load levels when washing clothes;

  • Getting drinking water from a pitcher kept chilled in the refrigerator;

  • Switching to water-conserving showerheads, faucets, washers and toilets.

“We need all customers to assist in this water conservation effort,” said Charles V. Firlotte, Aquarion President and CEO. “It may take months of rainfall before reservoirs and wells return to normal capacity, which is why it’s so important for everyone to find new ways to save water.”

Aquarion has posted more ways to save water, including an interactive water calculator, at