All vehicles required to have park sticker

Park Regulations (all open locations):

All vehicles are required to have valid 2019 or 2020 parking permit (park sticker). Visit for more information. Vehicles without a park sticker will be denied entry and/or ticketed.

Any activity that encourages loitering or group gatherings, such as picnics, sunbathing, group sports, etc., is prohibited.

All playgrounds, restrooms, athletic fields, and pavilions are closed.

Dogs must be leashed at all times. Please clean up after your pet as required by town ordinance.

All patrons must obey park signage, including temporary signage.

Face coverings are recommended when physical distancing cannot be maintained.

Patrons must follow the social distancing and safety protocols recommended by the CDC. Residents that are walking together should be limited to immediate family members that are living together. Park Rangers reserve the right to remove patrons who do not practice safe social distancing.

“Carry-in, carry-out” trash policy.

Parking is only allowed in designated lots and is not allowed along roadways or on the grass.

Decisions to close a park will be made by the police and/or the health department.